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The flavours to savour and take home with you

Our genuine products are homemade with meticulous care in choosing the best
, always fresh and in season.

SAPA – cooked must from Sangiovese grapes

SAPA was already known two thousand years ago and much appreciated by the Roman Emperor Augusto as a real delicacy.
It is cited by the Roman writer Apicio, who mentions Sapuum as a grapes must, cooked and concentrated, and given to legionaries. We find citations also by Ovidio, Plinio the Young and Ariosto

SAPA can be prepared in several ways:
it is excellent with herbal or spicy cheeses,
with fresh ricotta,
as a sauce for ice-creams and fruit salads.

In the summer time it is a refreshing drink when added to water.
In Romagna it is used to dip the sabadon in (sweet filled tortelli) or to season polenta (maize porridge).


Another unforgettable flavour worth rediscovering is savour, a dark coloured compote coming from Romagna’s ancient traditions and which is made during vintage time along with Sapa, enriched with quince apples, pears, apples, figs, walnuts, almonds, and orange skins. It requires many hours of cooking and it keeps for a long time.
It is best served for breakfast with hot piadina, but it is also excellent with boiled meats or as filling for pies and crepes.

AGRODOLCE all’ALBICOCCA (apricot sweet and sour)
Strong and spicy sauce, similar to chutney, best served with roasts, boiled meats or cold meats, curry and rice.

ZUCCHINE alle ALICI (zucchini with anchovies)
Slightly spicy, the zucchini dipped in extra virgin olive oil are a real delicacy as an hors-d’oeuvre or combined with white meats.

COMPOSTA di PESCHE al LIMONE (peach compote with lemon)
A compote with a strong flavour, with small pieces of lemon skins, it is perfect to fill cakes or to enrich cream ice-cream.

CONFETTURA di FRAGOLE (strawberry jam)
Best on vanilla ice-cream or fruit sherbet, or on a meringue with whipped cream. Try also combined with cheeses.

Delicious on warm bread or as filling for pies and tartlets.

Perfect to fill chocolate cakes or eaten on warm buttered bread.

Produced with hand-picked olives from our farm, cold pressed and with a very low acidic content, it is a high-quality oil. Behind our oil’s name Dedicato lies the true philosophy of the Tenuta Volpe farm: dedicated to the land, to the work of farmers, to the value and quality of our products. And it’s a lovely gift idea too: on the label of the oil’s elegant bottle (dark glass and a cork cap sealed with red wax) there is a blanc space where you may write the name of the person you intend to “dedicate” the bottle to.

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